The browser extension to manage all your AI prompts.

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What other people say

  • Person who gave the testimonial

    Prompt Dress completely solved my issues with saving and organizing my prompts in text files.

    Matthew Ziebarth

    CTO and Cofounder, Ada Growth

  • Person who gave the testimonial

    With Prompt Dress I created and maintained powerful prompts for writing ad texts, and I always have them ready in my browser.

    Andreas Ebner

    Partner, Immobiliaris

  • Person who gave the testimonial

    It's where I keep all my prompts. It has everything I need while not being in the way.

    Heorhii Teryaev

    devOps Engineer, Seatti

  • Person who gave the testimonial

    It takes a bit of convincing and fine-tuning before we get the tone for our copies just right. Using Prompt Dress, we never have to look far for the prompts we know are working.

    Alexandra Kim

    Founder and CEO, MeBloom

  • Person who gave the testimonial

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